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We have some pretty sweet stuff brewing currently. Right now I am mainly working on the in-game menu, things like item usage, equiping armor and weapon, special moves, etc., and am almost done. It runs really smoothly and I’m really happy with how its turning out. I want to post a video up of the menu in action, but not currently with the place holder graphics. I have also been tweaking the existing engine from bravehorse, fixing glitches, enhancing fighting, adding slopes to the platforms, and those types of fun things.

We are still working on the story, trying to figure out what direction we want the game to go in. We have decided on making the game have mainly a Steam Punk style, but we are going to put our own spin on it. We’re coming up with some pretty cool ideas for enemies and places which hopefully we will be able to show you soon. We’ll try to get up as many pictures and videos as possible and keep you guys updated on our progress.