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Monthly Archives: October 2008


I have finished up most of the tile editing portion of the level editor. All that remains for that now is to allow the user to add in enemies, powerups, and triggers. There will also be a background editor but I haven’t decide if exactly how it is going to work. Lately I have been going through code cleaning it up and fixing glitches. I also found a number of memory leaks that I was able to fix, but I’m still working on one really annoying one that occurs when loading a level. I also had to go back to the annoying platforming code to fix up the slants on the top which I found some glitches in. That required a lot more work than I would have liked and its not even completely how I would like it, but its good enough for now. I’m going to be adding in some more fun things like the cool enemies caliber9 drew that are waiting to have life breathed in to so that the player can take their life away with Bravehorse’s sword. Currently working on the AI for the bug monster which will be seen in the cave beneath the smog tower.



The game is coming along slowly but surely. Once the level editor is finished it should pick up very quickly as it will allow us to stream line our production. Heres a few graphics I’ve been working on, not all finished they all still require a bit more polish.