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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Well, I have the basics of the level editor done. Saving/Loading levels of different sizes, opening different tile sets, and drawing the tiles to the map. Here is a screenshot of the level editor, as of right now, along with Caliber9’s sweet looking cave tile set:

Next I have to add in the actual tile types for each slope. Then I’ll have to add in support for adding in enemies, powerups, triggers, and those kinds of things. Keep checking for updates.



I decided to completely rewrite most of the platforming engine that I used in Bravehorse. The Bravehorse system was not tile based which worked fine for that game since we did not need any slants or slopes, but we wanted slopes for Torpedo so I had to change it to a tile based system. So for the past week I have been working on the system, with most of the time spent on adding in the slopes and finding and fixing glitches. And now I am happy to say that it is completely done, we now have a good tile system with slopes and ramps (making it easier for handicap characters to navigate throughout the game).

I’m now going to work on making the level editor and then next up is improving the combat system.

(We’ll try to get updates at least once a week from now on.)