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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Our First Update, with a level mock up.

Level Mockup 1

Here you can see two of the main characters (although they still may go through some changes before the final version) along with one of the main bad guys in the game. HandCraftedRadio has been working hard in putting together the editor to create tiled ground just by clicking and dragging and he has the parallax scrolling already down and it looks pretty cool. Keep watching for updates.



Hi everyone,

This is going to be our new development journal for our game we are currently working on. We don’t have a name for it right now, but we are referring to it as project Torpedo. Torpedo is a 2D platformer action RPG. We are building off of Bravehorse, which we entered in the 4 elements 6 contest. It is going to be a seperate game but it will also feature the horse character. We will try to keep the journal updated at least once a week with development news, screenshots, videos, and other cool stuff. Keep checking for updates!